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The realization of being well positioned

The realization of being well positioned

Since many companies had to throw their usual processes overboard due to the Corona crisis, I experience many conversations as a constant before-and-after comparison. It almost reminded me of the “spot-the-difference puzzles” of my childhood – “find the 10 differences on the right picture”. So, I went on a search and found out – so much has not changed for Erste Lesung.

Admittedly, not all of us have always worked in our home office, but the possibility to work from wherever you might be, has always been existent at Erste Lesung. The boss’s e-mail sometimes came from Bali, the colleague’s answer from her home country or the colleague’s question from the train. Documents and mails were available at any time and therefore working was no problem. Job interviews using video tools have been part of the standard repertoire for some time now. This saves effort and time, allows a wide range of candidates to speak with and has the nice side effect that the candidates are “more themselves” as the interviews take place in a familiar environment. It becomes more difficult with the topic “induction”. But even this has been done at Erste Lesung via video calls, e-mail or messenger service, because of the different office locations in Berlin and Brussels. But of course, to a lesser extent than in the last few weeks. The “background noise” in the office, which is so important for the cooperation, we had already both analogue and digital for quite some time. Thanks to the messenger service and various customer, location or topic-specific group chats, questions, suggestions, incentives or simply nice or useful information have already found the right addressees.

On my spot-the-difference puzzle, there is more an intensification of the central aspects rather than a change. Home office, online meetings, digital recruiting, digital onboarding and induction and digital background-noise have all existed before at Erste Lesung.

Conclusion: I actually found hardly any differences in our puzzle. What I did find, however, was that Erste Lesung is well positioned. That being said, I’m really looking forward to the first live beer with my colleagues and a match of table tennis in the office!

In that sense: Cheers!