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Hello, Berlin!

Hello, Berlin!

The first couple of days at the new workplace are mostly characterized by an information dumping and the installation of new messaging and file sharing platforms. This was no exception at the Erste Lesung either, and by the time I had finished the new readings, I realized it’s almost the end of the first week. Well, time flies in good company.

Not all tasks seem too time consuming though. Usually, people struggle to remember the new colleagues’ names when joining a company. Well, Erste Lesung made it easy for me. Having three Annas at the company made me an even firmer believer of the saying „third time is the charm”. Who would have thought that Germans take even proverbs so seriously?!

Moving to a new country always means getting to know the culture and the work culture which takes time. After the first impressions and meetings, and with a significant proportion of colleagues coming from Köln/ near Köln, I’m nevertheless sure that they will not only show me how to perform best, but also how to celebrate the carnival season properly.

Already at the very first team meeting, I had the impression that this is going to be a nice, intercultural experience with Nils calling from Oslo, Anna from (currently) Venice, and other colleagues from all over Europe. It was like a Eurovision Song Contest results announcement switching from one country to the other. From me, Erste Lesung: you get 12 points!

Throughout my career I enjoyed such a variety of exciting and multifaceted experiences. These experiences have always motivated me, wherever I went, let it be the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the US State Department, or think tanks, such as the Atlantic Council. Based on my experience and passion for digital policy and public affairs, I hope to successfully contribute to the work of the Erste Lesung.

I am really looking forward to this adventure and I am especially grateful for Szilvi’s guidance and mentorship.

Anna Juhos joined the Berlin team of ERSTE LESUNG on 1 August as a consultant.