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Closely following public and political discourse is an important first step in ensuring that a project is successful. However, these results must be categorized and evaluated. Statements by politicians, for example, must be put into context and legislative processes must be analyzed from a structural perspective. In addition, the important links between national and EU policy on specific issues must be identified.


Linking of different political arenas


ERSTE LESUNG filters and analyzes collected information and prepares it into formats tailored to your needs. This includes, among other things:

  • Newsflashes
  • Regular reports
  • Reports on special events such as national elections
  • Ad-hoc analyses on request


ERSTE LESUNG brings together experiences from industry and politics. In addition, our diverse team knows the political arenas in Berlin, Paris and Brussels well. Interaction between different levels in political decision-making, the individual options in each phase and the knowledge of processes and contact persons are our craft. We therefore help you move precisely in the political arenas that are relevant for you, give advice when action is needed and, with a specialized team, support you in your tasks in the field of political communication.

Strategic consulting

Brokering of contacts in politics and industry

Media coaching

Personal coaching

Within the scope of our strategic consulting, we provide you with:

  • Stakeholder mappings
  • Positioning and agenda setting
  • Reporting of
  • access to and organization of political events


The mere existence of an important concern alone is no guarantee for success: a successful positioning of your interests in politics, industry and society is the key to achieving your goals. In order to overcome the permanent challenges that are posed to your concerns, ERSTE LESUNG offers you a positioning strategy tailored to your needs with strategic and political expertise. We bring you into contact with decision-makers, put your interests on the agenda of the most important players and represent you in the arenas that are important to you.

Event management

Public relations

Positioning in the media

Reputation management

Independent and official representation 

With these steps we make your concerns visible:

  • Development of a positioning strategy
  • Planning and implementation of events
  • Networking
  • Exchange with and positioning in the media

Visual communication

Successful positioning and high-quality events require not only a comprehensive understanding of the political system, organisational talent and a broad network, but also sophisticated visual concepts. A sophisticated visual concept is essential for your own visibility as well as for public and political perception. ERSTE LESUNG supports you in your visual communication.





We ensure that your concern is remembered by everyone with the graphic design of the following materials:

  • Invitations
  • Brochures
  • Information graphics
  • Presentations
  • Dossiers
  • Newsletter
  • Websites

Events / Conferences

Events are an important part of the political positioning strategy: they generate visibility and offer a way to communicate your issues and concerns to a broad audience. ERSTE LESUNG has been successfully organising events and conferences for many years and takes care of all important organisational steps. Furthermore, ERSTE LESUNG has a high-quality conference room in the heart of the EU quarter in Brussels, where you can hold conferences with your stakeholders while we take care of the entire organisation in the background.

Concept development


Invitation management 


Our services for you include:

  • Conception of events and conferences
  • Organization and back office activities
  • Creation
  • Design and mailing of invitations to stakeholders
  • Creation and design of background documents